Made in Italy authenticity guarantee

Racered is handmade quality; attention to detail; the epitome of the harmony between beauty and craftsmanship; a symbol of a culture and a typically Italian way of life.

Our trousers are tailored with myriad details, composed of up to 60 individual pieces assembled by hand as part of a process lasting over 30 hours.

The result is a collection of models bringing together elegance, modernity, style and functionality, the elements defining authentic Made in Italy design.

About Us

Racered was born out of our passion for motorsports, fashion and craftsmanship, taking inspiration from the enduro motor racing apparel used in the early 1970s.

Our collection comprises shirts and trousers that are suitable for every occasion and perfectly complement any look. Elegant lines, comfort, exclusive design and elasticated, flexible fabrics ensure our products are unique in their beauty, style, comfort and safety.

Passion is our motor. Racered is the motor fashion brand ready to take centre stage in the wardrobe of anyone seeking a balance between style and safety.

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